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Play by clicking [Start] Claim prize in your in-game mall inventory
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Tokens will be deducted as soon as you click [Start].  Once game is in progress, do not click the back button nor close the webpage to avoid losing your token.
Dark Wyrm
Evolution Leaf (30%)
Albereo's Special Toolbox 2
Premium Kiosk 7 Days
Reset Skill Scroll
Reset Status Scroll
Pure Face
Tearful Face
Angel Link.XG
Rainbow Wings.XG
Rascal Rabbit Bread.XG
Pet Appraiser's Mistake
Pet's Triangle Roll - (3 Hr)
Large Megaphone
Black Hair Dye
Red Hair Dye
Green Hair Dye
White Hair Dye
Albereo's Refining Potion
Marco's Mistake
Ruby Word of Blessing (1Hr)
Card Collector's Honorable Ticket